Who Are Front-End Developers and How Can You Become One?

Front-End is a specialist responsible for creating a website, application, or software user interface. That is, it establishes everything the user can see on the site with which he can interact.

Given that the requirements for web development are growing, a front-end developer can now put the site on the server, test, and adapt sites for people with disabilities, develop UX design, and create tools to improve the application architecture. So let’s take a closer look at this profession to find its beneficial features and requirements. 

What Is the Task of Front-End Developers?

The main task of such an employee is to create a user interface. Such a specialist determines the appearance of a particular site (or application), sets the functions for each of the parts of this site, and so on. https://logincasino.work/en/blog/the-best-front-end-developer-courses

The goal of a front-end developer is to make the website layout as simple and comfortable as possible. The user must clearly understand the principle of interaction with the site, how to work with it, and navigate it confidently.

What Should a Front-End Developer Know?

It is worth noting that this is a rather demanding vacancy because it requires strong technical knowledge, a creative approach, and a clear understanding of the site’s structure and the principles of its creation.

Therefore, a sought-after front-end developer must meet several criteria, such as. Thus, a sought-after front-end developer must have several hard and soft skills. Therefore, a sought-after front-end developer should have a range of hard and soft skills, including:

  • Layout methodologies, HTML, and CSS.
  • Javascript programming language.
  • jQuery libraries, frameworks, Angular.
  • Popular CMS – WordPress, Bitrix, Modx, etc.
  • Git version control system and GitHub service.
  • General understanding of backend development, databases, and query language.
  • Web application architecture design skills.
  • For splitting layouts from a web designer.
  • Fundamentals and usability.
  • Principles of cross-browser and adaptive layout.

And of course, if you are not a native English speaker, then you should speak this language at the Intermediate level or at least be able to read technical documentation.

How to Become a Front End Developer: A Quick Checklist

Although this is quite a responsible job and demanding, it is worth making an effort to become such a specialist. But for this, you have to go through a specific path:

  • To become a front-end developer, you will need 4 to 12 months and a lot of patience.
  • A novice developer has three main tools: HTML, CSS for layout, and JavaScript for programming.
  • You can study for free on your own and in courses: self-study will take longer.
  • Learn from people with real experience, not from theorists. If you’re self-taught, ask fellow programmers or professional forums what materials to study so as not to wander in a huge amount of information.
  • When you get the basic knowledge, make up a few websites, and add them to your portfolio. When you have at least three projects in your portfolio, you can look for a job or an internship.
  • If it seems that nothing works out, solve problems that work out, read more and ask for help from experienced developers.

You can get basic technical skills in front end developer courses, while you can gain a portfolio and competence with experience.

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