SEC and EXANTE: complying with the regulations

The broker EXANTE is more widely known as a very transparent organization. Referring to the requirements set forward by the SEC regulator, the broker has to have a clear history of all of the transactions that have taken place both on the exchange and in over-the-counter markets. Additionally, once the client demands it, a comprehensive report including the complete list of transactions and operations with cash and securities is prepared and handed out by the broker. EXANTE strictly complies with all of the actions mentioned. Strictly complying with all of the requirements, EXANTE has been able to offer the highest quality financial services around the entire world. The broker’s straight record is a convincing reason underpinning your choice to cooperate with this broker.

Try your hand in cryptocurrency trading with EXANTE

In the industry this broker is recognised for his wide cryptocurrency offering. Surprisingly, the company’s innovative spirit allowed it to become one of the first crypto currency brokers. But there is no surprise in this, as crypto currencies hold an enormous investment potential. The broker puts a large weight on Bitcoin as there is a large probability that it will become one of the leading currencies in the near future.    

Bitcoin is more liquid if compared to any other crypto currencies. For a regular user, this will offer greater opportunities of trading with Bitcoin as it will be easier to buy and sell the asset. Moreover, there have been ongoing discussions about buying Bitcoins from designated ATMs. This is becoming increasingly popular as more and more operations are taking place on the basis of bitcoin transactions. Manufacturers as Trezor, KeepKey, and Ledger provide a large variety of hardware wallets for storing Bitcoin.

From what you can read, EXANTE is an innovative organization, eager to quickly incorporate novelties with large internal potential.This is the reason why this broker could be an attractive choice to you.      


One of the key benefits of this broker is the fact that there are no service fees. This broker charges only active traders. It is important to note that the size of the fee depends on personal terms of trade: the market, financial instruments, volume of trade as well as a whole range of different variables. All current fees can be seen in your personal account.

The commission for withdrawing is fixated at 30 EUR/USD/GBP, irrespective of the amount.

Launching an account with EXANTE broker 

In order to enter in a contractual agreement with the company, you do not need to do anything face-to-face. You simply need to complete the registration procedure at the broker’s website.

The personal information request upon registration includes your first and last name, mobile phone, email, etc. To register an account, you need to confirm your email by clicking on the activation link sent to you by the broker.

That is not it – the broker is interested to learn more about your previous trading experience and investment goals.

This will be followed by an identity confirmation procedure. Thus, it is necessary to upload your ID card and a document that would verify your address of residency for the last six months. A utility bill is a sufficient document.

Ater you have installed the EXANTE trading terminal, you can have a moment to become acquainted with the software and trade on the DEMO version. A demo account doesn’t require a verification of documents. The only thing you need to do is to register on the broker’s website. Demo account allows you to practice trading – opening and closing positions – without risking your own money. As well as there are no limits to trading on the demo version.

Depositing funds

The minimum deposit requirement for an individual client amounts to €10,000 and it amounts to €50,000 for legal bodies and corporate clients.Be aware that no third parties can access your trading account.   

It is possible to fund and top-up your account in any of the following curencies: Euros, American, Canadian and Australian dollars, Swiss francs, UK pounds, Japanese yens, New Zealand dollars, Polish zlotys, Russian rubles.

The preferred mode of funding your account is by using a bank transfer. It regularly takes approximately 2-3 days.  

Withdrawing of funds

There is no minimum amount of money that could be withdrawn. The maximum amount depends on the amount of cash you have on your account, at the time of withdrawal.

Similarly as discussed with funding your account, the withdrawal takes place via a bank transfer. Unfortunately that is the only way to do it. It is possible to withdraw money in the following currencies: US dollars, euros, and UK pounds.         

The withdrawal fee remains the same irrespective of the amount withdrawn and it is equal to 30 EUR/GBP/USD.

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